About Master Ryan .

President of Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association  / Yarbrough Martial Arts Academy 

National Martial Arts Instructor 

20 years of Martial Arts 

17 years  head coach for team Rhino & 15 years of competition 

Former boxer competed in many Tough Man contest 

Competed in Kickboxing & many Sport  Karate Taekwondo matches NC , SC , VA , TN 

2X Submission grappling national champion 

50 wins 20 losses in  70 martial arts tournaments 

Trained 40 students to black belt level establishing Elite FreeStyle Hapkido in NC , MO , OR , TX , CT , WS , AFRICA , 

Fought for 3 Ju Jitsu World Title's and one Karate Bare Knuckle World Title match 

2009 Gold /World Cup No holds bar JuJitsu divison @ Triad ShowCase of Martial Arts 

2014 Silver Jiu Jitsu tournament  Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization World Championships

2015 Gold Jiu Jitsu tournament World Title belt Champion Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Federation 

2014 Bronze 3rd place / Bare Knuckle Karate OSNK World Title Fights 

Known has the man who fought team all with 70 fights in martial arts tournaments 

Former Boxer/ToughMan  / Kick Boxer / Sport JuJitsu /Sport Hapkido /  7 x National Sport Karate  Champion .

6th Degree Hapkido  & NC State Director for World Moo Sul Kwan Federation 

Life time member of Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization under Hanshi Ernest Dukes 

Life time member of World Tae Sool Association under Grand Master Troy Trudeau 

Life time member of All Korean Martial Arts Association under Master Sam Albright 

Life time member of Independent Martial Arts Federation 

NC State director of Iron Tiger and Golden Dragon out of Ohio 

4th Degree Ju Jitsu Title Renshi 

Sei Kai BuJutsu Kan Renmei  & World Martial Skills Institute Federation 

3rd Degree Kenpo Karate under Kyoshi Sam Albright 

2nd Degree black belt Instructor MuayThai / American Kickboxing under SiFu Bob Yoder 

Brown belt / black stripe in American NinJutsu under Sensei Tim Ross American NinJutsu Academy