Master Ryan Yarbrough Head Instructor 

Founder  of Team Rhino est 2001 

Kwan Jang Nim /President of Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association est 2005 . Owner of Yarbrough Martial Arts Academy est 2017


 Hapkido black belt 6th degree  under Grand Master Derman Hodge - World Moo Sul Kwan Federation , Master Sam Albright - All Korean Martial Arts Association , President Robert Shook of  Independent Martial Federation , DoJuNim Jae Jeanotte  - Jae Mu Kwan Hapkido Association , Hanshi Ernest Dukes - Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Federation and Grand Master Jason Velez - 9 Dragon Martial Arts 

Master Ryan has been involved in  mixed martial arts since he was 15 years old .

He has studied and holds rank in the art of American NinJutsu , Ju Jitsu , Karate , Taekwondo  and Hapkido

In 2010 Mr. Ryan started teaching seminars @ local schools and by 2012 became a national instructor 

In 2012  Mr. Yarbrough hosted the first annual Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association camp which hosted instructors from NC , SC,TN,OR,WIS,VA,FL ,that still continue's to grow . 

2012 to current Master Ryan taught Ju Jitsu seminars for the international Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization camps and got yo  meet HoH martia artist from all over USA , Canada ,  and Russia 

Instructor Ryan has attended many of MMA seminars under UFC hall of fame fighters  and  , JuJitsu , Karate  and Hapkido seminars under more than a hundred  Masters & Grand Masters.

Trained 44 students to black belt level 

  Mix Martial Art Tournament Competitor   51 wins 20 losses   71 matches in martial arts fighting  in Karate , JuJitsu , Boxing , and Kickboxing 

Coached  many Karate national Champion's and Karate & JuJitsu 🌎 world champions 

2x Ju Jitsu world Champion sport JiuJitsu  2009  in Greensboro NC (Triad Show Case of Martial Arts) and 2015  ( KBMA ) Jiu JItsu / grappling submission tournament 

Placed 2nd for the Ju-Jitsu world title 2014 (KBMA)

Placed 3rd for the Karate world title 2014 Bare Knuckled Karate Championship @ Old School National  Karate Championship 

 won 9 National Karate Championships 

Karate Fighting , Empty hand Kata ,  Weapon Kata ,  and Self Defense divisions 

Former Boxer & Kick Boxing  competitor 

Master Jon Farlow     (Sling Blade)

Published book author 

3rd Dan American Karate 

3rd Dan Kenpo Karate 

1st Dan American Kickboxing 

2nd Dan American NinJutsu 

2nd Dan Hapkido 

Sho Dan  belt Ju Jitsu 

Coached and worked many tournaments for Team Rhino 

Well known for fighting in sport JuJitsu competed for the Ju Jitsu World Title 2013,2014,2015,2017, & 2018 

Master Horace Sessoms (Iron Horse)

5th Dan Chief Master Hapkido .

The highest rank in Hapkido @ YMA

Black belt American Kickboxing 

Purple belt / black stripe rank American NinJutsu under Sir Tim Ross 

Sport Karate competitor champion in sport Karate fighting and self defense divisions

undefeated sport JuJitsu Champion 2006

Worked and coached many martial art tournament 

2009 Asked by Master Dan Piller to be a guest speaker helping him teach short stick self defense @ 2009 World Hapkido       Association 

Hanshi Ernest Dukes

Grand Master E Dukes

We are honored to have Hanshi has a guest instructor @ our School.

10th Dan Karate Red belt

Black belts in six different art's

1990s Kickboxing middle weight world champion 

4x Karate World Champion 

Sensei Jeremiah Miller (Jumbo)

Sensei Miller started training in Hapkido & Jujitsu 2013 

2nd Dan Hapkido 

1st Dan Ju Jitsu 

Fighter for team Rhino 

fight record 

2014 JuJitsu 2nd place  submission grappling 

2015 JuJitsu 2nd place    submission grappling 

2016 JuJitsu 1st place KBMA  submission grappling 

2017 JuJitsu  1st  place KBMA submission grappling 

Sport Ju Jitsu / All striking / Throwing / Ground submissions 

2018  Black belt  AmericanJuJitsu world title Matches placed 3rd promoted by KBMA  

2018 Black belt American JuJitsu Tournament promoted by Octagon MMA


Sabom    Stephaine  Yarbrough 

3rd Dan Hapkido 

2014 Hall of Honor female black belt of the year Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization 

Sport Karate Champion 2010 National Karate Champion 

2014 Arbitrator & ring coordinator for both sport Karate & sport JuJitsu