Master Ryan Yarbrough Head Instructor 


Mr.Ryan has been a JuJitsu & Hapkido practitioner for over 20 years .

President of Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association est 2005 . Owner of Yarbrough Martial Arts Academy est 2017

Hapkido Master rank Kwan Jang Nim  6th degree black belt in Moo Sul Kwan Hapkido under Grand Master Derman Hodge whom studied under his Dad GM Elliot Hodge and GM  Kim 

Black belt American Jujitsu title Renshi in 2015 under Hanshi MacDonald a Grand Master  in KodoKan Judo / JuJitsu 

started training in boxing clubs and kickboxing gyms for fighting in the ring . Became a black belt in Karate under Master Sam Albright of NC and American Kickboxing under Sifu Bob Yoder of Ohio

Mr. Yarbrough started American NinJutsu  Academy of High Point NC under Sensei Tim Ross in 2003 and 2018 earned Sho Dan black belt in American NinJutsu .

Mr.Yarbrough also holds a black belt in MooSul Kwan Tang Soo Do under Grand Master Derman Hodge 

Trained 47 students to black belt  status level 

Started competing in boxing in 2001 at age of 18 and than American Kickboxing and MuayThai ,Point Karate & Continues  Taekwondo tournaments to Ju Jitsu tournaments . 

Started competing at 18 years old and 37 years old still competing strong .

Competed in 77 martial arts matches with 56 wins and 21 losses 

 🌎 2x World Champion in JuJitsu .  2009 sport JuJitsu (MMA) format in Greensboro promoted by Master Malik called Triad Showcase of Martial Arts. 

   2015 No Gi JuJitsu submissions world champion Concord NC promoted  by  KBMA Grand Master Ernest Dukes  .         

     Placed 2nd for JuJitsu world title in 2014 after 5 matches Ryan lost to the last man standing Sensei Trey Singleton  

2019 Silver Medal 2nd place in the World Championship  Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Tournament JuJitsu submission grappling No Gi 

 Placed 3rd  losing to a 56 year sports Karate  competitor veteran  Grand Master James White and Master Donald Letham for the  World Champion Karate bare knuckles kumite  @ the 2015 Old School National Karate . In Greensboro Sports  complex Arena promoted by HanShi Ernest Dukes president of Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization.

 9x National Karate Champion  From 2006 thru 2019 

Became a black belt head instructor in 2005 and 2010 a state director teaching martial arts seminars all over the state .

2012 Hosted the 1st annual Elite Freestyle Hapkido Association with instructors coming from east and west coast making it an National event.

The Elite Free Style Hapkido Association has grown over the years hosting the top Grand Masters from all over nation wide . 

Coached a few students to world championships in JuJitsu & Karate 

Setup many tournaments and helped work has a certified Judge ,ref, coordinator , and arbitrator for sport karate & Jujitsu tournaments 

Member of Jujitsu America 

A member of World Moo Sul Kwan Hapkido Federation under Grand Master Derman Hodge 

Life time member of World Tae Sool  Hapkido Association under Grand Master Troy Trodeau 

Life time member of Jae Mu Kwan HapKiDo Association under Grand Master Jae Jeanotte 

Life time member of All Korean Martial Arts Association under Grand Master Sam Albright 

Life time member of Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization under HanShi Ernest Dukes 

Life time member of American Ninjutsu Academy under Sensei Tim Ross 

Life time member  of Hapkido under Grand Master Jason Valez president of 9 dragon martial arts 

Dedicated to teaching martial arts to kids , teens , and adults 


Master Jon Farlow     (Sling Blade)

Published book author 

3rd Dan American Karate 

3rd Dan Kenpo Karate 

1st Dan American Kickboxing 

2nd Dan American NinJutsu 

3rd Dan Hapkido 

1st  Dan   Ju Jitsu 

Competedand worked many tournaments for Team Rhino 

Well known for fighting in sport JuJitsu competed for the Ju Jitsu World Title 2013,2014,2015,2017,  2018 , and 2019 

2019 Karate champion fighting division 

Master Horace Sessoms (Iron Horse)

5th Dan Chief Master Hapkido .

The highest rank in Hapkido @ YMA

Black belt American Kickboxing 

Purple belt / black stripe rank American NinJutsu under Sir Tim Ross 

Sport Karate competitor champion in sport Karate fighting and self defense divisions

undefeated sport JuJitsu Champion 2006

Worked and coached many martial art tournament 

2009 Asked by Master Dan Piller to be a guest speaker helping him teach short stick self defense @ 2009 World Hapkido       Association 

Sabom    Stephanie  Yarbrough 

3rd Dan Hapkido and Sho Dan Kickboxing 

2014 Hall of Honor female black belt of the year Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization 

Sport Karate Champion 2010 National Karate Champion 

2014 & 2019Arbitrator & ring coordinator for both sport Karate & sport JuJitsu