O'Sensei Hanshi Ernest Dukes 

10th Dan Karate , Black belts in 6 different martial arts , 4x Karate World Champion & Kickboxing World Champion 

Master Ryan Yarbrough

Founder  of Team Rhino 

Kwan Jang Nim /President of Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association est 2005 .Owner of Yarbrough Martial Arts Academy est 2017

National Instructor (Senior Master ) 6th Degree  Black belt Moo Sul Kwan HAPKIDO & Hap Ki Do Regional Director of World Moo Sul Kwan Hapkido Federation .

Started training in 1990's in Jujitsu and Hapkido after studying  Hapkido for 8 years became a black belt in 2005 and started teaching . Earned black belts in both Karate & JuJitsu  under Soke Kirk Simmons and Grand Master Robert Shook .

Life time member of World Tae Sool Association under (Grand Master) Troy Trudeau  , All Korean Martial Arts Association under Kwan Jang NIm  (Grand Master) Sam Albright and American  JaeMuKwan Hapkido Association under DoJuNim Jae Jeannotte .

JuJitsu America charter school and member of American Combat JuJitsu under Professor Tony Maynard 


Instructor Cho Dan  TaeKwonDo  under Grand Master Derman Hodge 

Sho Dan Black Belt  in American NinJutsu under Sensei Tim Ross 

Ni Dan American Kickboxing / Modified Muay Thai under Sifu Bob Yoder  

Yon Dan Master Instructor ( Renshi ) Kenpo Karate Master Sam Albright  

Yon Dan Master Instructor ( Renshi )  Japanese Jiu Jitsu Master Derman Hodge 

6th Dan Hapkido under DoJuNim Derman Hodge 


 Martial Art Tournament Competitor   51 wins 20 loss  in fighting 

Former Boxer 

Former kickboxer  , IKF point kickboxer , and Muay Thai competitor  .Won Muay Thai Tournament in 2008 Asheboro NC  & 2006 Won the kickboxing tournament in Spring Lake NC 

Won the 2007 light weight kickboxing tournament in Charlotte NC and placed 3rd for the Point MuayThai Kickboxing IKF NC State Title 

Tri state Karate Champion in Karate  Tournament 

Fought Karate tournament in NC,SC,VA,TN from 2006 - 2015 

9x National Karate Champion   =  2x in point sparring , 2x in grappling submission divisions , 1x in Empty hand kata , 4x Self Defense division 

 4th world title fight2015 Won World Title  Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Jiu Jitsu Championships  Hosted by Hanshi Ernest Dukes 

 1st world title fight 2009 won the Japanese Jiu JItsu world cup  @ Triad Show Case of Martial Arts  hosted by Master Abdul Malik 

 3rd world title fight 2014 Placed 2nd Silver for World Title Jiu Jitsu Tournament Kuro Bushi Martial Arts hosted by Hanshi E Dukes 

2nd world title fight 2014 Bronze Medal 3rd place for the ( Bare Knuckle Karate World Title ) @ Old School National Karate Championship 

Coached  many Karate national Champion's and JuJitsu 🌎 world champion s

Trained 42  students to black belt level 

Master Horace Sessoms Hapkido Master  5th Dan 


Karate & Jiu Jitsu Champion & EXPERT IN WEAPONS 

Master  Michael Burger Karate Instructor 

Captin  Coach for team Rhino 

Former Military , Retired Law Enforcement , Bail bondsman 


Master Jon Farlow Karate Instructor 

Assistant Hapkido Instructor and Kids Karate Instructor

Karate & Jiu Jtsu  Champion 

Published Arthur wrote four books 

San Dan American Karate 

San Dan Kenpo Karate 

Sho Dan NinJutsu 

Yi Dan Hapkido 

Brown belt JuJitsu 

Sho Dan Kickboxing 


Head TaeKwonDo black belt   Instructor 

Black belt Karate 

Black belt Kickboxing 

Black belt Cho Dan  Hapkido 

Former Wrestling champion 

Green belt JuJitsu 

Law Enforcement 

Former Marine 

Te'Kaiya Burger 

Assistant Karate Instructor 

National Karate Champion 

Black belt Karate and Hapkido 

Sabum Jeremiah Miller 

2nd Dan Black belt Hapkido 

Assistant Instructor in Jiu Jitsu 

Trains MMA 

Fought in 7 Gi and No Gi Jiu Jitsu Tournaments 

Fought for the Sport Japanese Jiu Jitsu World Title in 2018 in black belt division and placed Bronze .