This is cardio kick boxing like never seen before .

What you get is a cardio / boot camp class .  With real punch , block , strikes ,to defend yourself .

has you stay and go up the levels this is the only work out kickboxing program that you will get belts in .

every 16 classes we will have a belt test award to award your progress with us and show the level of toughness you have done from Boxing ,Kickboxing,Muay Thai ,Karate , etc .

     GET IN SHAPE GET TONED          REAL KICKBOXING                  REAL WORK OUT            

Ryan Yarbrough Kickboxing Belt system .

     6th kyu white belt, beginner
     5th kyu yellow belt, novice
     4th kyu orange belt, intermediate
     3rd kyu green belt, intermediate
     2nd kyu blue belt, advanced
     1st kyu brown belt, advanced
     1st Dan black belt, instructor

 Ryan Yarbrough and Sensei Cody Campbell American Kickboxing light weight championships 2007 .