Fun , Friendly , and Family environment ... Ju Jitsu is fun for every one rather you are an expert grappler or a novice .

We are a safe , clean , and a positive motivation school.

Ju - Jitsu ,JuJutsu, or Jiu Jitsu all mean the same thing Soft Art and this art has proving its self over all these years .

Ju Jitsu is one of the many well rounded arts and is the art you will need to have in your arsenal for any sport grappling submissions or cage fighting...

What you will learn in JiuJitsu class is

Focus on both close and long range combatives

Submission grappling for both Gi & No Gi  while you learn standup striking has well has weapons .

Joint Locks / Holds  


Everyday Weapons

This class is fun , positive & friendly for the family both kids and adults .


2009 Jiu Jitsu WORLDCUP champion


2nd place for Brazilian jiu jitsu world title / kuro bushi martial arts organization 2014

1st place Brazilian jiu jitsu tournament / kuro bushi martial arts organization 2015