Elite Free Style Hapkido Association 


 In the late 1990's Ryan Yarbrough was studying a variety of traditional martial arts JuJitsu , Hapkido, and Karate .

2001 Ryan fought in a Tough Man contest and loved it .

Mr.Yarbrough joined Triad Boxing Center and started boxing and training to compete .

Ryan trained and competed in Tough Man style boxing events and than started training in Kickboxing while learning Hapkido with a friend and studying JuJitsu in Archdale and Thomasville schools.

In 2003 Ryan was looking for a school to train his small young Nephew Cody whom had been training in martial arts with his uncle Ryan since dippers but Ryan wanted to put him in a actual Dojo.

Birth of American NinJutsu Academy .

In 2003 Ryan took his nephew Cody to Ninjutsu too find out this Dojo was adults only but kids could come if with an adult .

The very next class Ryan Dad Horace Sessoms went to the ANA Dojo and joined .

The 3 of them trained for 2 hours on every Friday from 2003 to until 2006  .

The three of them trained NinJutsu out in the back yard all during the week and Ryan would always teach his Hapkido moves and always talk about his boxing and kickboxing while Ryan's dad Horace would kick his butt on the ground using NinJutsu .

How did we become a stand out in martial arts ?

The 3 of them complimented each other and would train there weakness to get it better .

While Mr. Horace Sessoms was good with his Take downs , weapons , and ground fighting .

Ryan was good with his throws , joint locks , and standup stricken 

Cody was good at body grabs , holds , and acu points .

Birth of Hapkido 

2005 Both Ryan Yarbrough and Cody Campbell earned there Cho Dan Black belt in Hapkido .

Later that year Horace Sessoms got his Cho Dan Black belt in Hapkido 

At his point our back yard had grown into students .

We had a lot of people interested in what we were doing in our trl park. lol 

Birth of Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association in 2005 

So we started taking on students from the trl park and teaching anyone that had the interest to learn hand to hand combat for free .

Ryan was asked to join the American FreeStyle Hapkido Association and worked his way up to state director , governor,vice president and President .

At this time the guys  had grown a school , competition team , and association so Ryan disbanded the AFHA and in 2011 joined the World Moo Sul Kwan Federation .

2010 created home training Hapkido program that grew in ten differwent states and was sold thru Store of Martial Arts Mart.

2012 to current  Ryan started EFHA Camp to train 8 hrs in martial arts and than go up for belt testing hands on of any rank  .

This camp has featured the top Grand Masters & Masters and hall of honor top martial art instructors .

2012 Joined Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization under Hanshi Ernest Dukes , after working hands on the Master E Dukes on the Karate circuit since 2006.

Learn and attended many classes and seminars .

Taught many seminars and arbitrated many of his tournaments for JuJitsu and Hapkido .

2014 Arbitrated a sport grappling div for Master Larry Dillingham 

Birth of Karate and JuJitsu 2006

Ryan Yarbrough earned his black belt in Kempo under Grand Master Robert Shook and black belt in JuJitsu under Soke Kirk Simmons famous pioneer of the Washiyama Ryu JuJitsu .

In the Independent Martial Arts Federation 

Ryan traveled four hours down the road to compete in his first Karate match Swainsboro Halloween Karate Classic promoted by Shihan Frank Williams and loved it and has competed in Karate every since .

In 2007 Ryan competed in eleven Karate Tournaments and the guys started a Dojo @ The Nautilus Gym , Gymnastics , and a MMA school.

Ryan went on to compete in Karate and Point Kickboxing matches through out the tri state area .

In 2006 - 2008 Ryan won the  Point Kickboxing Light weight American Kickboxing match and than  fought for the IKF sanctioned  Point kickboxing  Modified MuayThai rules and placed 3rd bronze  .

2008 Placed 2nd Battle of the States to Master Marcus Green

2008 won the Muay Thai Kickboxing match in Asheboro NC @ National guard armory and the JiuJitsu Gi Submissions division all in the same day !!

2014 Ryan fought for the full contact bare knuckle Karate world title and won the bronze 3rd place. Losing to Hanshi James White and Master Don Lathem ,This was held at the Greensboro Sport Complex in NC with Hanshi Ernest Dukes

2015 Ryan eared his Ni Dan in Kickboxing 

2007 Ryan started training  in submission wrestling and BJJ under top student Felix Boggan a collagent wrestler and high school wrestling coach

2008 Ryan fought and won the No Gi grappling challenge in Asheboro NC at the National Guard Armory .

2009 Joined a MMA school 

2009 Ryan won the World cup of Triad Showcase of Martial Arts in Japanese JuJitsu under Karate promoter Abdul Malik 

2010 started doing seminar thru out the tri state area 

2011 joined Gracie Jiu Jitsu until 2012

Thru out the years Ryan competed in tournaments for 16 years and worked the tournament circuit for 17 years .

2015 Ryan was awarded the title RENSHI and ranked 4TH Dan in Japanese Jiu Jitsu under Soke Chris MacDonald a pioneer in KodenKan Judo / JuJitsu 

Joined Sei Kai Bujutsu Kan Renmei 

2017 Awarded 6th Dan in Hapkido and Regional director of Hapkido .

2017 Birth of Yarbrough Martial Arts Academy 

2018 Awarded 4th Dan Kenpo Karate under Kyoshi Sam Albright .

2018 Ryan earned his black belt in Moo Duk Kwan /Tang Doo Do

2018 Awarded 1st Dan Sho Dan American NinJutsu 

Has you can see we are very pro active in martial arts in both learning  and teaching giving back . 


Our Board of Directors can help assist you in many ways .

We are a small Dojo / Dojang with a big heart.

We are in a private location with hand picked students 

With limited mat space 

Call today come by and see us and try out your free martial arts class if you are a serious  student that wants to achieve the goal rank of black belt .

Discounts on our tournaments and martial arts camps 

We work well with other Federations , we don't wont to pull anybody away from there organization they are happy with .

We are happy to assist any independent martial art instructor or a student to accomplish there goals and achievements in martial arts .