Elite Free Style Hapkido Association established 2005 .

Why Elite Free Style Hapkido ?

Instead of teaching and making students pay for all the different styles of  mixed martial arts we have studied through out the years of martial arts we put it together .

What is Elite FreeStyle Hapkido ?

Hapkido 100% self defense .

TaeKwondo hyungs added in .

Sport JuJitsu / Hapkido fighting for well rounded mma format of traditional standup striking , throws , submission grappling .

JuJitsu submission grappling added in .

Point Karate & Taekwondo for the kids .

Boxing & kicboxing for adults .

American Ninjutsu weapons 

sword fighting , bo staff , Jo , knife ,etc .

How do you benefit from Elite FreeStyle Hapkido ?

You get all of martial arts in a well rounded way to keep your self safe .

Most schools just compete in standup striking only  or wrestling only events .

We compete in a much wider span with students in boxing , kickboxing , karate , taekwondo , sport hapkido & jujitsu a traditional mma format  , submission ground grappling .

Elite Free Style Hapkido lineage 

Moo Sul Kwan Hapkido  

FreeStyle Hapkido 


Ju Jitsu 


Okinawa Kenpo Karate