Elite Free Style Hapkido Association established 2005 .

Why Elite Free Style Hapkido ?

The certified black belt instructor's have years in martial arts and a large teaching base . On the other hand they have also competed in mix martial art events and have produced many champions .

What is Elite FreeStyle Hapkido ?

A . Hapkido 100% self defense . The scientific approach 

B. The scientific approach to self defense 

C. Free Style Hapkido fighting for well rounded mma format of traditional standup striking , throws , submission grappling 

D. Submission grappling and ground survival 

E. Joint locks , Take downs , Throws 

F. Point fighting 

G. kick boxing 

H. Tae Kwon Do Forms 

I. High Kicks / low kicks 

J. counter kicks 

K. Disarming weapons 

L. Multiple attackers defense 

M. Joint Locks 

N. Throws 

O. Takedowns 

P. Sweeps 

Q. Counter take downs , sweeps , joint locks 

R. Club defense  and belt defense 

S. gun disarming 

T. cane techniques 

U. Knife disarm 

V. short stick techniques 

W. Sword techniques 

X. padded weapon sparring  / sword fighting 

Y. punch , block , kicks 

Z. Acu points , anatomy of the human body 

How do you benefit from Elite FreeStyle Hapkido ?

You get all of martial arts in a well rounded way to keep your self safe .

Most schools just compete in standup striking only  or wrestling only events .

We compete in a much wider span with students in boxing , kickboxing , karate , taekwondo , FreeStyle hapkido & sport  jujitsu a traditional mma format  , submission ground grappling .

Elite Free Style Hapkido lineage 

FreeStyle Hapkido >

Hapkido 6th degree black belt

Started Hapkido in the 90's .

Disbanded my teachers association and joined IMF in 2001 . There I started back has a white belt and worked up to black belt in 2005.

I continue my training from black belt to 5th degree black belt under IMF .IMF hold black belts in Sin Moo Hapkido and Moo Moo Kwan Hapkido .

In 2017 I earned 6th degree in Moo Sul Kwan HapKiDo under Grand Master Derman Hodge whom training came from Grand Master Kim 

  Moo  Duk Kwan  1st degree black belt 2018 under Grand Master Derman Hodge World Moo Sul Kwan Federation 

Japanese Ju Jitsu   American JuJitsu and KodoKan Judo/JuJitsu 

 American NinJutsu 1st degree black belt  started 2003 earned black belt 2018 > Soke  Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan -  Master Robert Bussey brought this art  to USA - NC Director Sensei Tim Ross - to   Sensei Ryan Yarbrough 

Kenpo Karate  black belt   >Under  Master Sam former Marine whom traveled the world teaching martial arts 

Started competing in Karate tournaments has a black in 2006 and my school is still competing today.

2014 competed for the bare knuckle karate world title 

American Kickboxing 2nd degree black belt under Grand Master Bob Yoder   > former point and amateur full contact American Kickboxing & Muay Thai champion 

Boxing  -  Former amateur boxer fought in many Tough Man contest