Elite Free Style Hapkido was established in 2005 by Master Ryan Yarbrough ... It is a growing martial arts association with established Dojo's nation wide .

Why  Elite FreeStyle Hapkido ?!?

It's a well rounded art !!! Master Ryan holds Dan ranking in six different style of martial arts in his 25 years of training .

Started out has a kid studying Hapkido , Jujitsu , and Karate martial arts.

@ 18 years old =First started fighting in boxing tournaments and was influenced by boxers & kickboxers so later on tested in Ohio and earned his black belt Kickboxing .Ryan whom studied Hapkido for 25 years also  has Hapkido & Taekwondo schools go hand in hand ...In 2018 Sabum Nim Ryan test thru the board of MooSul Kwan directors and was promoted to instructor status 1st degree black belt Moo Duk Kwan .

He has tested Elite FreeStyle Hapkido by competing in all arts by competing in open Karate & Taekwondo tournaments in self defense , empty hand kata , weapons , point sparring , Jujitsu Gi & No Gi ,Sport JuJitsu (standup striking to ground ),MMA ,Boxing , Kickboxing , Bare Knuckle Karate and stick & sword fighting divisions ...Elite Freestyle Hapkido has been tested and proven to work .

About Elite FreeStyle Hapkido .

We teach the well rounded art of Korean Hapkido with forms from the Korean Moo Duk Kwan .

We also focus on both point sparring and kickboxing .

We also focus on graound survival and grappling submissions from sport  JuJitsu and weapons and swords from NinJutsu . 

Has you know HAPKIDO is already a solid well rounded and balance self defense art .


       Our history and blood line of the                             martial arts.



             Tang Soo Do & Hap Ki Do 

American Ninjutsu 

Japanese NinJutsu Grand Master Masaaki Hatsumi 

Master Robert Bussey American Ninjutsu  brought this art  to the  USA

 Sir Tim Ross Head Instructor of North Carolina branch taught this art to me .

Sensei Ryan started Ninjutsu training in 2003and earned black belt Sho Dan in 2018 .

Japanese Jiu Jitsu 

Sho Dan under Soke Kirk Simmons Independent Martial Arts Federation 2006 

2008 Ni Dan Black belt Sensei 

2011 San Dan Black belt Shidion 

2015 Yon Dan Red & White belt Renshi

Giving the title Renshi under Soke Chris MacDonald 

Recognized under Seikai BuJutsu Kan Renmi has 4th Dan giving title Shihan under Hanshi Hodge .

Grand master Derman Hodge is well known for his Aiki JuJitsu (Tenaka) Sensei

Member of JuJitsu America .

Member of American Combat JuJitsu trains under Professor Tony Maynard a few times a year.

Teach JuJitsu clinic's @ the Kuro Bushi Martial Arts International seminars since 2012 to current.


2006 1st Dan  Chinese Dragon Kempo under Chief Master Robert Shook Independent Martial Arts Federation 

4th  Dan Kenpo Karate under Master Sam Albright a martial arts pioneer and former Marine .

Master Sam Albright  is a 7th Dan in Taekwondo , Hapkido , Tang Soo Do , Karate , JuJitsu , and NinJutsu ,with black belts in Kickboxing and Superfoot system .

Master Sam is well known Internationally for his Krav Maga and Military Combatives .

American Kickboxing 

Fought my first Tough Man Contest in 2001 and was hooked from than on !

Joined a local boxing gym and than Kickboxing gym , later down the road joined karate & Taekwondo school till around 2008 I joined MMA cage fighting schools .

This gave me a lot of different sparring partners and a lot of different sparring drills and instructions from many different types of styles and coaches .

I attended boxing clubs for 5 years and competed in boxing matches for 4 years .

Over the years God has opened the door for Instructor Ryan to attend and learn under top notch martial artist in seminars internationally wide to name a few .

GM Ji Han Jae , GM Hwang In Shik , GM Tae Jung , Master Jason Jung , Master Monty Hendrix , Master Dan Piller , GM Ken McKenzie , Master James Dante , Master Joe Needham , GM Craig Hamm , GM Blaine Grissoms , GM Troy Trudeau , GM Derman Hodge , Master Rondy Mckee , Master Chris Evens , Master Bud Adams , Sabum Jon Brantly , Master Trey Hodge , GM Godwin , Master Sam Albright , Master Antonio Ara , GM Vic Moore , GM Bill Super foot , GM Jessie Bowen, GM Ernest Dukes , Master Abdul Malik , GM Michael Allison , GM Michael Willett , Master Troy J Price , GM Don Isaak , Sensei Ron Hilton , Sir Tim Ross , Sir Frank Ross , Master Ed Rondman , Master Yvonne Falgout , Master Ray Chatman , Master Dwain Freeman , Professor Tony Maynard , Prof Ric Anderson , Master A J Farmer , Shihan James Pikula , Master Mickey Heath , Frenando Salvador , Pat Miletich , Jeff snowman Monson , GM Donald Lathem , GM Jonathan Edmond , Master Al Yisrael , GM Seitu Kenyatta , Master James Gray , stephen Kane , Gracie , Robson Moura , too name a few but through out the years many more .