Board of Directors for Elite Free Style Hapkido Association .

Grand Master Derman Hodge 

President of Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association .

KWAN JANG  Nim Ryan Yarbrough

President  /Founder of EFHA Est 2005 .Started training HapKiDo in 1997

  Sabum Nim Ryan Yarbrough


Kwan Jang Nim / head of association.

SabumNim  Horace sessoms 


Senior vice president / director of research

5th degree hapkido MASTER 

high purple belt American ninjutsu

both karate & jiu jitsu champion

In charge of testing and patch / art work

Sabum Stephanie Yarbrough


Secretary  of Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association 

Sabum  Stephanie Yarbrough

SAM DAN  Degree Black belt in Hapkido 

KBMA  Female Black belt hall of fame martial artist 2013

National Karate Champion 

Head Ring Coordinator  for the KBMA

and many other Karate & Jiu Jitsu circuit

Grand Master Ernest Dukes

  2nd  Vice President of EFHA

Grand Master Ernest Dukes

10th degree black belt in Karate

Many martial arts Hall of Honors

4x Karate World Champion

Middle weight Kick Boxing World Champion 34 wins 32 KO 4 losses

Black belts in 6 other styles of martial arts

President of The Kuro Bushi Martial Arts Organization WWW.THEBLACKWARRIOR.NET

In charge of Tournaments and adviser  . 

3rd Vice President/Head of Kenpo Karate program

7th Dan Taekwondo / Hapkido / TangSooDo

Master Sam Albright

President of All American Korean Martial Arts Association

Vice President of Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association

Nidai Soke American Wado Association

Director of research & development for the World MooSul Kwan Federation

Inducted into United States  Martial Arts Hall of Fame Korean Arts Master of the year Silver Award for 30+ years

U.S. Marine Combat Veteran and Paratrooper.

7th Dan Hapkido ,Taekwondo ,Tangsoodo

6th Dan Ju Jitsu  & Wado Ryu Karate Do

2nd Dan NinJutsu

Black belt under Bill (Superfoot)Wallace

Expert Level 1 Instructor ofKrav Maga

in charge of kenpo karate

Sabum Ray Chatman

West Coast Governor of EFHA

 Sabum  Ray Chatman  

School Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association

Bandon Oregon

EFHA Hall of Honors

4th degree black belt in Elite FreeStyle Hapkido and a Hall of Honor in Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association.

Sensei Richard Waldherr


Northern Governor  of EFHA

Sensei Richard Waldherr

School Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association in Wisconsin

Retired law enforcement /Detactive and EFHA HoH martial artist.

2013 Black belt in Chinese Dragon Kempo under

Chief Instructor Robert Shook ,Soke Kirk Simmons , Chuck Harrison , and Sensei Ryan Yarbrough

Black belt in  Elite FreeStyle Hapkido under

Sabum Nim Ryan Yarbrough ,Horace Sessoms , and Chad Nealey

Promoted 2016 Ni Dan Kenpo Karate

& Elite FreeStyle Hapkido  

Master Jon Farlow North Carolina State Director of Hapkido 

Sensei Jonathan Farlow is high skilled mixed martial artist

 San  Dan American  karate

3rd Dan   Kenpo Karate 

SENSEI Ni Dan American ninjutsu

SABOM Ee Dan hapkido

SENSEI 1st Dan kickboxing

kohai title in Japanese  ju jitsu & rank of sempai  . 

competed 2013,2014,2015,2016,2018  for the black belt jiu jitsu world title in the kuro bushi martial arts organization world games tournaments.

competed in many karate tournaments and is a national karate champion.

Sensei Micahel Burger

North Carolina state director of Karate.

Picture below is Mr.Burger's &grand kids in there Karate championships , they are the 3rd generation of the martial arts Mr.Burger has passed down the knowledge and highly supports martial arts with in his kids and grand kids.


 the man who knows them all...Sensei burger is @ a tournament or a seminar every weekend.

Black belt taekwondo 1984 under world tae kwon do federation.

criminal justice instructor certification defense tactics 1990

asap instructor 1996

sho dan kickboxing 2016 under Ryan Yarbrough 

sho dan kenpo karate 2016 under Ryan Yarbrough 

2018 Promoted to 3rd Dan Kenpo Karate 

instructor @ elite free style hapkido association

currently trains out of American ninjutsu


 started practicing martial arts in 1976 while assigned to Okinawa japan with the united states marine shorin ryu belted in 1979 under hoshi sensei.