Korean Hapkido

The art of self defense martial arts science .

Hap means combine 

Ki means energy 

Do means The path , the way , the system.

The founder Grand Master Choi Yong Sul

Lived in Japan for 30 years with the Grand Master Takeda Sokaku learning his art of Daito Ryu Jujutsu when Soke Takeda passed away DoJuNim Choi returned back to Korea .

Teaching YuSul a form of Aiki Jujutsu with native Korean kicks .

Later known has Hapkido 

Hapkido is a soft art like Jujitsu .Hapkido is easy to learn the simplicity of moving in small or large circles.

3 principles of hapkido

Hwa means Harmony not to meet force with force.

Won means Circle to gain momentum over an attacker by off balance or mirrowing the attacker

Yu means Water the ability to move over , under , around , or through an attacker

             Karate /  Tae Kwon Do

Empty hand 

punch / blocks / kicks

empty hand & weapons forms 

           Japanese JuJitsu 

Jujitsu is a well rounded art of self defense

Japanese JuJitsu sparring  consist of Gi  & no Gi submission Jujitsu and Sport JuJitsu all standup striking , throws ,  ground submissions

Japanese JiuJitsu is a Traditional  old school JuJitsu self defense art with well rounded sport Jujitsu .

                      American NinJutsu 

                    The way of the Ninja 

This art comes from Japan under Soke Hatsumi

Was brought to the USA under Master Robert Bussey and taught to me under the North Carolina  head instructor Sensei Tim Ross

Mr.Ryan studied  American Ninjutsu under Sensei Ross in 2003 and trained off and on over the years earning his black belt in 2018.


started in 2001 to 2004 due to my friend rip (Big Bad) Jon Cottle  




Master Jon Farlow flexibility & stretching routine.



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