Adult Classes 



The art of self defense  & martial arts science .

Hap means combine 

Ki means energy 

Do means The path , the way  , and the system 

Hapkido is a soft art like Jujitsu  with more kicks and standup striking .  HAPKIDO is easy to learn. The simplicity of moving in small or large circles.

3 principles of hapkido

Hwa means Harmony not to meet force with force.

Won means Circle to gain momentum over an attacker by off balance or mirrowing the attacker

Yu means Water the ability to move over , under , around , or through an attacker.

Hap Ki Do means  Harmony way of coordinated power in the system .

we focus on  standup striking sparring  , acu points ,  joint locks , throws, takedowns  , sweeps , ground grappling  submissions , standup grappling , disarm weapons , and use of weapons such as knife , gun ,  short stick , club ,  and cane 

Kids Classes 

   TaeKwonDo &  Hapkido       Kids classes  .


Empty hand form's & weapon forms.

 Sparring /punch / blocks / kicks / board breaking 

Hapkido Self Defense and we do cool games and prizes after every class. 

                           Japanese  Ju -Jitsu  

               A member of JuJitsu America

Our JuJitsu class is ran by  2x JuJitsu World Champion Renshi Ryan , World Champion Sensei Jeremiah Miller , and  world champion Sensei Jon Farlow  .

Ju Jitsu / JuJutsu / and Jiu Jitsu all mean the same thing

Jiu means SOFT and Jitsu means ART 

Has you know JuJitsu is a well rounded art we practice 

Standup striking  sparring 

Ground grappling submissions for both Gi and No 

Put it together for sport JuJitsu  all standing & all ground 

Weapon disarming and self defense standing grappling  

Focus of this class take them down and submitt 

learn one or two techniques and than sparr for  the remaining of class time ... This class we sparring for everything . 

                      American NinJutsu 

                    The way of the Ninja 

A member of American NinJutsu Academy

This art comes from Japan under Soke Masaaki Hatsumi

Was brought to the USA under Master Robert Bussey ( one of the first men to bring this art to America )  and taught to me under the North Carolina  head instructor Sensei Tim Ross

Mr.Ryan started studying  American Ninjutsu under Sensei Ross in 2003 and trained off and on over the years earning his black belt in 2018.

 Also had the honor to train under Master falgout and Master Redmond of Tx  


RIP Sensei Frank Ross 

A great man of God , a family man , a preacher ,  a teacher , a sparring partner , and a friend . 

Sensei had the nicest martial arts funeral I ever saw.

Has he wished to go at peace in his Gi and black belt.

We all of his students ,training partners from the old school and the new dressed in our Gi uniforms. Has we set upfront with the family and gave him a sword salute .

I remember sensei breaking cender blocks with his head  and eye gauge me when I dropped  my hands . He never gave up and never admit to being tired . A true Ninja and a true friend !

I was glad to have the honors to award him in my hall of honors Elite FreeStyle Hapkido Association many years ago .

     A tribute to my friend whom got me started in   Boxing !!

RIP Brother Jon Cottle 

Jon knew I was a martial  artist and he loved wrestling .

Jon asked me to join him in wrestling and so I did but it wasn't my thing . So he brought me a boxing sign up sheet to box in a Tough Man Boxing contest at the Greensboro coliseum and so I did.

That night  in 2001 .I fail in love with the sport of boxing . So I joined a boxing gym and loved the art of it . For many years I boxed in local boxing  gyms and fought in many local boxing matches in Tough Man Contest .

Jon my best friend since grade school . 

The art of boxing and the rush of inside a ring in a coliseum was fun .

Nothing was more fun than those nights out in the back yard since high school standing toe to toe with each other and duking it out . 

Big Bad Jon  was a name the ring announcer gave Jon . Jon being a super heavy weight of a 300lb+ guy a fighter  that loved to fight .

If anything he taught me strong chin and how to be tough .

His Dad Jon Cottle Sr sponsored our fights and his wife Elaine supported him .


A tribute to our kickboxing instructor 

                          RIP Sensei Bob Yoder 

Sensei Bob was retired army guy and martial artist  . With a passion to teach and give back to the community .

Sensei knew I was a former boxer and Kickboxer both American rules and MuayThai . He was a big fan of my Karate fights  and JuJitsu fights . 

Sensei Bob invited me down to his school of KungFu and Kickboxing to work and and sparr . I attended a kickboxing camp and than fought all the fighters there at the end to earn my black belt in Kickboxing .

Mid South Boxing gym with instructor Stephen Kane 


Master Jon Farlow flexibility & stretching routine.



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