Yarbrough Martial Arts Academy 

MOO means Military

DUK means Virtue or Moral    

KWAN means Dojang / a place to train

Moo Duk Kwan was made more popular in the late 1960s by Chuck Norris .  

This is a great art for learning self defense and how to kick better . It also teaches board breaking  empty hand forms , weapon forms , and  sparring .

Taekwondo is an Olympic sport  used to win sport Karate and Taekwondo tournaments has well many use it for standup striking in MMA cage fighting today. 


Kee Cho Bu  Series 

Pyung Ahn  Series 


Naihanchi  Cho Dan 

Jang Gum Hyung  / Dan Gum Hyung  / Kama Hyungs / Tonfa Hyungs / Sai / Bong Hyung


Tought by  ( 5th Dan ) Chief  Master  Horace Sessoms Jr & (6th Dan ) Senior Master Ryan Yarbrough   a 25 year veteran  in Hapkido .

HAP means Combine 

KI means Energy 

DO means way or method 

Hapkido has three principles to the art :

Hwa = Harmony & Nonresistance 

Won = Circle like water over , under ,around 

Yu = Water relex , not meet force with force 

Hapkido Derived from Japan under Soke Takeda  Sokaku Daito Ryu Aiki - JuJutsu by DoJuNim Choi Yong Sool  whom lived in Japan for 30 years with the JuJitsu Grand Master .After Soke Sakaku  passed away  DoJuNim Choi Yong Sool came back to Korea and taught this art with Native Korean kicks ,it is a circular motion art that teaches how to direct or redirect force while staying relaxed and never meet force with force by flowing in , out , over , under , or around in both small or big circles .

Teaches use of Joint Locking /destruction , throwing , striking , ground grappling , body grabs , holds , chokes , vital acu points ,sparring from standing to ground .

Weapons / Moo Ki Sul 

knives , guns ,short stick , middle stick , long stick ,cane , sword ,belt .

BuJutsu means Japanese Martial Arts 

American NinJutsu / Japanese Jiu Jitsu / Kenpo Jujitsu / Kenpo Karate 


Taught by  2x World Champion Renshi Ryan Yarbrough 

JU means Soft 

JITSU means Art 

A well rounded art 

Learn standup striking to takedowns & throws to subdue the attacker on the ground by striking , holding , pinning , or submitting  .  

Our focus is Gi and NoGi grappling and  Japanese Sport Ju Jitsu  

Life Time member of KBMA & Charter Dojo 

under Hanshi Ernest Dukes 

+ xMovements for Ju Jitsu 


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