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                        &                                  Sport         Jujitsu                Tournament 

Strikes /Take downs / Submission grappling .

Master Ryan is the arbitrator of sport Jujitsu & freestyle hapkido .

The mma format 

Karate , Taekwondo , Jujitsu , Hapkido , Judo , Sambo , wrestling all in one !

3 principles 

All standup striking (chigi)  / belt level to head high kicks .

Take downs , Throws , shoots ,clinch / delivered to the mat safely 

Ground grappling submissions / no strikes on the ground allowed .

2 min rounds for kids & novice  , 3 min rounds intermediate  ,  5 min rounds advanced . 

Black belt division going for a title belt 2 2min rounds 

Single elimination / king of the hill .

Self defense 

Empty hand hyungs 

Weapons hyungs 

Point sparring 

No Gi grappling 

Rules coming soon 

We match opponents up by 

Weight Classes , ages , and  rank .

White ,Yellow , orange , green 

Purple , blue , brown , red 

Black belt to Master black belts 

Not full contact / No knock outs 

Semi Contact / good control 

First step out of the gym 

No head butts , elbows , knee strikes ,or kicking below the belt 

No major throws , body slams , or joint locking while throwing and no striking to a downed opponent .

No fish hooks , heel hooks , twisters , gogo plata 

It has to be like a straight ankle lock or toe hold , knee bar or leg lock  .No bending or twisting on the joints .

No strikes to the back , back of head , back of neck or below the belt .

On the ground opponent most stay active 

If no action or not defending submission ref will count to 5 and stand opponents back up .

You have to hold submission for 3 sec to score points 

1 point for every landed punch 

1 point for every landed kick 

2 points for every take down 

3 points for passing guard 

4 points for full mount 

4 points for taking the back hooks in 

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