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 We believe in a well rounded program from standup striking to the ground fighting.

We teach kids and adults  class in the traditional arts of  Taekwondo ,Hapkido & Ju Jitsu  .

Elite freestyle hapkido association was founded by Master Ryan Yarbrough . A practitioner of martial arts since he was fifth teen years old.

Master Ryan has a strong record in competing and training & coaching competitors .

Elite freestyle Hapkido is the only traditional Hapkido school we see in mix martial arts tournaments with competitors competing in sport JuJitsu , submission grappling , Point Karate ,  Taekwondo , Kickboxing ,Boxing and Stick & Sword fighting tournaments. .

 Mr.yarbrough started training in martial arts at age of 15 . 22 years ago .I n 2005 earned his black belt in Hapkido. In 2006 became a black belt in both  JuJitsu and Karate . In 2001 Ryan joined a boxing gym and started boxing through out North Carolina. Later joining a Karate  school and started kickboxing . Mr. Ryan earned his black belt at a Kickboxing school  camp in Ohio.  2003 started training in American NinJutsu and in 2018 earned the black belt in American NinJutsu .. Master Ryan decided to stop teaching Karate for kids class. 2018 Mr. Ryan earned his black belt  in TaeKwonDo .. Instead of teaching Kenpo Karate animal forms from Japanese Karate ..Mr.Ryan uses the Mo Duk Kwan  Taekwondo  for the kids class which is also know has Korean Karate .Very close to Okwina Karate  . The forms are much easier  and the blocks , strikes,and kicks flow better with the Hapkido Koreanstyle martial arts. 


Elite FreeStyle Hapkido 

The Science of Martial Arts self - defense .

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